This is what Chartwell is most known…

for having been established for over 30 years.

    • * Highly professional and established Sedation team
    • * Reputation for treating patients who could not tolerate treatment elsewhere
    • * Only clinic in area that treats children under the age of 6 (subject to weight restrictions)

(We would ask that where possible you check referral criteria e.g BMI before referring) Whilst we are currently restricted by boundaries for NHS patients we are continuing to take patients on a private basis from outside the Hertfordshire area.

Minor Oral Surgery

* To perform an NHS or PRIVATE Referral, please click the appropriate button below.

**For NHS Referrals, please ensure you specifically select “Chartwell Dental” as the preferred practice to ensure the patient is referred to our us, otherwise the referral system will randomly allocate a practice for your patient.

Steps to follow for performing NHS referrals to Chartwell Dental Clinic:

1. Visit the following link :
2. Select the Region as “Central Midlands” on the page 

NHS referrals 002
3. Login to the referral system with your username & password

NHS referrals 004
4. Once logged in, click “Submit Referral”, and select the appropriate referral form

NHS referrals 001
5. Select the appropriate referral form in the list displayed

NHS referrals 003

6. Practice Selection – in the referral form, ensure you select “Chartwell Dental” as the practice to refer the patient to, otherwise the system will randomly allocate the dental practice before completing and submitting the referral form.

NHS referrals 005
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Our Dental Services

The dental services listed below would be covered under PRIVATE dental care

The dental services listed are covered under the NHS Guidelines


Routine Dental Check-ups


Children’s Dentistry